A Wedding in Gezi Park of two activists that fell in love during Gezi Park Resistance – July 20th

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Who invited the riot police to the wedding?
A couple who met each other at the protests got married today, inviting everyone to join them in celebration at Gezi Park. The riot police blocked the main entrance to the park and responded by pushing people out of the park including the bride and the groom, then attacking them with water cannons, tear gas, and plastic bullets !!!
This is the way Turkish Riot Police celebrate a wedding?
It looks like even Turkish police don’t know what they’re doing anymore.

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Police Brutality nonsense continues – Taken at Istiklal Street on July 6th

Police is trying to erase the videos taken by the man in white shirt (you can see yellow paint that he’s been shot by the police as well) In the meanwhile, his brother (wearing red pants) says “one minute” as police were pushing his brother around and gets shot by the police from close range for no reason.

Questions: Is it illegal to take videos? Why would you want them erased? Is it because you need to hide your actions? Why would you let a cop erase your videos unless you are afraid of no justice taking place in Turkey? Is saying “one minute” considered a threat to police, was the police defending himself buy shooting plastic bullets?

A NYTimes article about the last night’s violence against Turkish Citizens and Witch Hunt started against leaders of Taksim Solidarity, an umbrella group that represents a large group of protesters

“Police encircled us when we were walking to the park after the governor publicly opened it and invited all citizens to enjoy it,” Ali Ozyurt, an executive member of the Istanbul Chamber of Physicians, said as he rode in a police vehicle. “If it is a crime to go to a public park, the governor incited this crime, so is equally guilty.”

“Gezi Park was full of children and the elderly after it was officially opened, and we were on our way to gather for a forum,” Mr. Yilmazturk said, in reference to public assemblies in city parks that have replaced street protests as a form of grass-roots organizing. “Police pushed people out of the park by force and, as we were approaching the park, asked us whether we had permission to enter the park. I have never heard of such a permission.”

Members of the Chamber of Architects — which recently won a court case against the city, canceling the large project to redesign Taksim Square and rebuild a commercial replica of an Ottoman-era military barracks in place of Gezi Park — were dragged and beaten by the police before being detained, Mr. Yilmazturk said.

Please read more at NY Times

Turkish Government Witch Hunt – This is how Turkish police arrests people sitting in a cafe for no reason

In Turkey, you can be shot with plastic bullets from close range multiple times, shot via gas banisters on your face by Turkish police.
And Turkish police will take you into custody without reasoning even if you are sitting in a cafe having your drink. The girls shouts “We are sitting in a cafe in our neighborhood” Police goes to the lady shooting the video “what is your purpose, why are you recording?” If she did say anything she’d be taken into custody as well.

There are people being taken into custody and being kept over 24 hours illegally even if there is no legitimate reason. This is a systematic physiological warfare. Many lawyers, reporters, architects, city planners and doctors who are opposing the government’s plans are being taken into custody.

A sample of the those taken into custody tonight. None is reported to have engaged in any violent activity. All are members and executives of professional associations and political parties. The total number is claimed to be 47 so far…
1. Mücella Yapici- Secretary General, Turkish Architects’ Chamber
2. Cansu Yapici- Architect
3. Sabri Orcan- Vice-President, Turkish Architects’ Chamber
4. Dr. Ali Cerkezoglu- Secretary General, Istanbul Medical Association
5. Suleyman Solaz- Representative of Union of Turkish Architects and Engineers
6. Akif Burka Atlar – Secretary of Urban Planners’ Chamber
7. Sezi Zaman- Urban Planner
8. Ender Imrek- Member of Executive Committee, HDK (Political Party)
9. Hakan Dilmec
10. Erkan Bas- Executive Member of Turkish Communist Party
11. Beyza Metinler- President, Electrical Engineers Chamber
12. Iclal Bozkaya- no clear affiliation
13. Amal Demircan- no clear affiliation
14. Emre Özturk- Executive of Labor Party
15. Ercument Akdeniz- Executive of EMEP (Political Party)
16. Ercin Firat- Speaker, Federation of Clubs of Ideas (NGO)

A photographer reports “Police are aiming for people with cameras and throwing gas bombs in restaurants” July 8th

photographer shot
© Joshua Sterrett, a photographer in Taksim Square reported “I just got shot twice as I was trying to get cover inside. Police are aiming for people with cameras and throwing gas bombs in restaurants. The streets were crowded with people minutes before.”

“I was shot twice while trying to get into a restaurant..the door had two shots and the man who let me in was shot in the arm. They are aiming at people and hope to terrorize.

Just mınutes before I was entering taksim square hopıng to enter gezi park but the police suddenly ran forward in riot gear and pushed ALL people in crowd bac towards istiklal and Cumhuriyet where they also blocked the other entrance.”

British Consul-General Istanbul Mr.Leigh Turner has shared this pic from his twitter account, July 8th @ 20:20

British Consul-General Istanbul and Director-General of Trade for Turkey, Central Asia and the South Caucasus Mr. Leigh Turner shared this image “pic of gas canister in grounds of #British Consulate Monday c. 2020 – one of 6 found so far tonight ”
British consulate Istanbul gassed

Some pictures from July 6th @ Taksim

Kids were in Taksim Square when Turkish police brutality attacked peaceful citizens

Why would you attack families who were not doing anything violent but protesting peacefully on a pedestrian only road?July 6 Taksim kids

July 6 Taksim kids2

“Why are you arresting my daughter?”
This lady is a musician who was arrested by police because she did protest the extreme brutality of Turkish Police, her mother did not leave her side and argued with the police
July 6 Taksim daughter mother